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September 14 - September 15

“The more you know, the more you can do”

We would like to invite you to the 8th edition of the Warsaw Independent
Bookfair, which will take place in Warsaw on 14-15.09.2024.


Today, book creation and distribution face a number of challenges that
are both familiar and new. Firstly, playing by the rules of the
so-called ‘free market’ has always carried the risk of self-limitation,
interference with content, and favouring books in terms of their
‘profitability’. In addition, the unfair distribution of resources makes
it difficult for independent publishers to compete in the marketplace,
limiting their promotional and distribution options. Subject to the
dictates of capitalism, technology and the digitalization of the book
market offer new possibilities, but also create a technological and
financial barrier for independent authors and creators. Over the past 20
years, the monopolization of the market by technology and publishing
giants has led to a massive reduction in the availability and visibility
of content. This has been accompanied by the concentration of wealth and
power in the hands of a few corporations, leading to censorship and
self-censorship, where literature avoids controversial topics for fear
of repression.

The past year has also seen the expansion of so-called artificial
intelligence in everyday life. This has brought with it significant
risks of copyright and creative rights infringement through the creation
of content and media that resembles original works without proper
permission or remuneration, while AI-based recommendation algorithms
allow mainstream content to be favored at the expense of original,
independent works.

In previous years we have discussed these emerging issues. We see that
their solution requires global awareness, solidarity between creators
and readers, and support for independent cultural initiatives. This year
we want not only to deepen our discussions and critiques, but also to
develop solutions. We invite you to participate actively.

Make manifestos, propose meetings and discussions, present new solutions
on the fair platform, be creative and imaginative! We are open to your


The event will be accompanied by meetings (also online), which will
address issues that currently concern independent publishers and
grassroots initiatives that fit the idea of the eighth Warsaw
Independent Bookfair. It is open to a message of equality that includes
the voice of the excluded. It will be a space to share our experiences,
learn from each other, respectfully discuss alternatives, and take a
critical look at contemporary reality.

The previous bookfair was attended by publishers, collectives, and
individuals from a variety of backgrounds, both from Poland and abroad.
The event also attracted a large number of book lovers, and we hope that
this year will be similar.

We will not be able to cover the travel expenses of the exhibitors,
however there will be no stand fee. If you want to come and the only
thing holding you back is money, please write to us and we will try to
work something out. The bookfair is free for visitors.


We have a limited number of stands, so please apply early. Send your
application to warsawbookfair[at] by 1 June 2024. You can also
send any cooperation proposals, questions or comments about the event to
the same email address.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
The collective of the Warsaw Independent Bookfair


September 14
September 15


Puławskiej 37
Warschau, Polen